# Getting Started

# Sign up / in

Sign up and Sign in both start with a popup at the top center of the screen as follows.

Put your mail address then...

# Sign up

In case the address is not registered yet, Create account will be started.

Put your name and choose password.

The password can be revealed by cliking the eye icon. By the way, this password seems to be not appropriate...

Cklik the Save button, then you will see feedback with red characters.

So, fix it and click Save button again...

You will see the notification of the email verification as follows,

You will soon get the verification mail.

Click the link for verification.

You will see the following verified notification. Click the blue Continue button, then Sign in is complete!

# Sign in

In case the address is registered already, Sign in will be started. Put your password then click the blue Sign In button. In case you've forgotten your password, the Troubule signin in? link might help you.

# Account Management

For change account info, logout, and delete this account, select Account menu, then

You can do it with Account page.

Last Updated: 8/4/2023, 11:46:43 AM